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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  September 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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following breaking news of a pleasanton. on a fit of accident is in the dublin pleasanton area at all lanes of sat of 680 are completely shut the since about 33 of this morning. a pedestrian was hit in the road what is a corner is on seeing the. of south the minds of 680 are locked in have been for about 45 minutes. what you know when they reopen. seventh as the police will hold a telephone meeting this morning about a recent officer and of shooting. some business this hit the weekend cleaning up after two days of vandalism. the vandals hit cars in the mission district police station. i'm wondering how far this is going to go. just like everyone else who lives around here. protest and those they after
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police shot a man who pulled a pistol on them. the man is expected to live. the police the province town hall meeting will take place 1130 this morning. the principle of this and the club of a mature school will be in court for or limit for drugs the charges. he was suspended from his after investigators city fell and math at his home. an undercover agent had met lewisohn against getting website. police lidless offered drugs. if and math skills and teach be. that is known as the date way the drug. he as been placed on administrative leave without pay. the services commanders are under arrest suspected of the oxford of ducting and i know girl. she at
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the elementary school in sematech know that allegedly took her a short distance but the girl was able to escape. he has also been touse two similar incidents in san the clutter. to try to determine a shovel and intentionally used a pipe to bypass a device that monitors air pollutants. but alia met quality management district for assault something suspicious two years ago. since then the agency as reduce surveillance camera images and determined that the monitor had been bypassed 27 times. we will never know the conditions level if tween these emissions event. be hit is involved. the chevron and as cbs response sling the issues will result last year.
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the fed is the focus of a community meeting this be the evening. this morning a homeless and to amend near fourth and two strings of francisco is expected to be cleared for the second time. although it broke at the site last wednesday no with yet on what caused the fatal accidents since francisco international airport grew 62 dead from dillon city was killed but said the morning. it crashed into a business jet that was parked in the north side of the airport. no was on board the plane. officials think of alcohol was involved in an accident that sent to an offense to hospital. but shocked by a high voltage
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and salon. they're trying to raise a flag and didn't realize the power line was what overhead. if the party chairman to kampf tax would be overhead power line at oakland coliseum and the passes of horse and the republicans came into contact with the line. offense suffered the natural burns. the hundred 50 dozen transition month it runs directly into the stadium. the trend to travel south of 68 is a form for the closure and those of some lanes upper right at stone rich. it's because of a fatal accident pierhead above 345 this morning a pedestrian was hit in the roadway. you concede that it's already backed up. we got up the the phone with chp is said
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detouring the form of a taking a look at side. a lot from this morning. a dense fog of the virus three was issued this morning. the issue that just after midnight. other types city traffic chemists use a live look at&t 37. things are slowing nicely for silicon valley commuters. the coup " mass transit where everything is reporting of things on time. of his youth approached the coast. low pressure capacity to the east of a small and it will be a little bit cooler. 54 and
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is a cut of 52 but the truth is in some of the scope. plenty of 70's and said the bay. the decency's patchy fog our coastline. warmer weather is our coastline. firefighters in washington said of making progress on the destructive wild fire. the and more than 30,000 a. and destroyed two cabins. nearly 600 homes still remain threatened. a father could grow and combine with a second fire nearby. as new as we figure about 2 mi. away and was about as close as a dog could be the see the fire. official said if the two
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planes were to merge it would be held because resources could combine to concentrate on one place. at least four homes are destroyed in eastern said the the county. a more homes are for at modify a. the fire started about noon yesterday within three hours people work and being told had to evacuate the area. if not centuries have been reported. a return to prime time for president obama and republican challenger mitt romney. both men appeared last night on 60 minutes. grumman had this to say. a " crisis of that is plans for the nation of big pitch as a delay of two principles and the policy work together with them but you don't hand them a complete document sent him to take this. half the president has revealed that this simply what is he seems only of one note.
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tax cuts for the wealthy at rolling back regulations as a recipe for success. the controversy over romney is taxes are part of a new obama of content that. aftemelissa's ads like that distort his positions and are a big reason he's trailing in polls and the growing states. the first between the two men is nine days away. a week from wednesday october 3rd in denver colorado. october 11th the vice president and vice presidential candidate will lock horns in the and the kentucky. after that two more presidential did debates in florida. phipps , the three strikes the person is 25 years to life sentence when convicted of a third
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felony. proposition 36 would regards restrikes requiring the fed strike to be a violent or serious:. there was really tillich to serve the most among the time. the demonstrated that they're not willing to live within the lowest but they're not willing to live with the general population and at some point or going to commit another crime. the latest pbs the poll shows california voters favor pry up 36. fish the web this signup continues until friday night. the be followed by a computer of a lottery to select a dozen households. nine sites are available. trader joe's issues the
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middle. " having to do with the stores in the butt. who is that the statue last night at in these. that prompted at 11 calls or run the country. what causes run the country. what causes spectacular light show over the
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this would have been so cool to see. and the gun a meteor shower in the northern uk. that would be a fireball. it's breaking apart in the atmosphere could this happen in the u.k. had prompted hundreds of there were visible from scotland to wells in northern ireland. did that this off as fireworks maybe even a plane crash. it was possibly a meteor shower of debris from falling satellite.
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the spectacular that's when you hear metal detector out. we have some changes coming it looks like a political upside today. patchy fog makes his way back on shore. the blood pressure that is not passing to the north and east of the bay area right now. that will trigger some colder air to move in for today bigger. the patchy fog and cheese into the bay. a little cool in spots in the north bay as well. 47 fifties no light afternoon up into the '80s. a lot of '50s and '60s up towards the coast line. hot weather in the central valley
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and 98 in fresno 85 in yosemite. that alone will continue to track eastward. the warming trend a slow one as we head for the remainder of the week. patchy fog should begin to break up but will be putting the coastline. high pressure continues to build an overhead and will become hotter. 77 insensate 747 tel people inland's up to the '80s in some spots. as a make inside the day at 65 degrees and 7 cisco 72 in oakland. about opal does the bichirs likely to stay there at least upper is part of the weekend before clean on sunday.
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we have a pretty serious problem on set pleasanton. the supplement the six atr shut down. there is a fatal accident involving a pedestrian in the roadway. all lanes are blocked we just got word from chp at the of the footing cars off of a southbound 680 and making them go towards less than 580. use of photo off ramp to get onto 680. if you are traveling any time in the near future to yourself some extra time. the investigation continues. it is a live look of the golden gate bridge where fraud is an issue this morning. we've been trying to get a dense fog advisory issued by chp this morning the sun of fact. he did
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some of and the traffic ever so visibility may be a sat in issue. as a rough look at the bit good this morning could mass-transit nothing really to now up to be kept checking in with airport and so far everything is on hard. a woman is another in your id for today's start of the united nations general assembly. among the big topics hard to support and sit attention of runs to the program and five the protest and much of the muslim watt over a in a and its admissibility of. of the issue of resource
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still looking for climbers lost an avalanche. the slide as to a least nine months and years and injured several others. many of the corners were french german or italian. the avalanche hit it can with more than two dozen cars. a government administrator in pakistan has put 80 the anti on the maker of an anti miles from the a. conditions were the ones minister offered hundred dozen dollars of is our money to anyone who tells the make of the video. the video was produced in the u.s. and as part of the protests in several countries depend a cup that was apparent last week at the smithsonian must national's suit last week has died. but in the incident, was unresponsive to cpr and
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other measures. the cubs mother was the upset. she is resting comfortably and is begun to eat again. the something that will be looking up for. the cause of death is expected later today. the cut look to be in good health after birth. being installed or is starting to pay off. nearly a dozen big-name companies included mcdonald's and microsoft say they will hike the dividend it helps to to shareholders. american airlines says it expects to avoid any flight attendants after 2200 of them signed up for severance payments. the parent company filed for bankruptcy in november. to the shows is recalling
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its house wind up in the but because the best possible salmonella contamination. traded jos could easily insulted linseed colitis is likely this those of the outbreak. nearly three-quarters of those sitting under the age of 18. the offering refunds to customers. cast prices have dropped but the amount is very slim. the national average is $2.83. aaa says the average price in separate cisco is for 25 it all on this for 16 instead has said it is for hon. 17ยข most endeavors have likely of bad habits behind the wheel. more than 70 million teens around the nation. a majority did admit making poor decisions.
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none at a tent city talk on the phone while driving. an 94% say they were speeding. the infant pens are to blame for the kings bad driving skills? some genetic researchers said one type of breast cancer is fairly similar to zero billion cancer and that it could lead to better treatments for bone diseases. the study was published in the journal nature and the funds tripled in the breast cancer and heart great olden cancer showed many genetic features clips doctors hope that the two cancers can be treated with the same drugs. some drug since an american academy of pediatrics report shows that there were 98,000 trampoline and with it injuries last year kids under the age of five were at the greatest risk. the best of
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the best of tb was honored at the 64th annual primetime emmy awards last night. among the big and that this was john chronic the two and half minstar. he won a week after aboard. i didn't actually witnessed this is not just happen. i am an amazing category with people i admire very much. caffeine but it's also won an emmy award of standing just after-tax fourth appearance on to a half man. the emmy for best rally series went to the amazing waste. it won for the ninth time in 10 nominations. produce this sunday night. the other's top one this
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showtimes show homeland. homeland you see all the dresses and isn't that interesting the minutes before 5:00 the record goes too far on stage analogies taking time out for performing. been given for the movies.
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somewhat patchy fog this man and lots of sunshine this book
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is in the we have major problems near the dublin interchange. there have been shut down for the last hour. trouble is been to lead off the freeway because of a fellow accident. the thick photo finish of the box office of police drama in the watch tower is the no. 1 spot with a horse the arm. each fund hot and $30 million. the trouble with the curve was next with 4.7 million. to cut the onion and that usually produces kids in for, defense it will in san francisco. in 60 years. the
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pulled london is going to close tonight with its lease expiring. it includes, legends such as robin williams will be on and phyllis diller. green blips and will not be planning a seventh sister this week as planned after the bay area band announced of amend his going into we have. it involved in smashing and their tents and promotional appearances supported police are on the scene of an officer of of shooting. a criminal investigation involving chevron and it do
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will focus on breaking news
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of a word what the police are on seat of an officer involved shooting know how to live crew just arriving. the principle of this school is under arrest at have been met. we have it fell to a closure in pleasanton. all lanes of some 680 are shut down. were setting up with more phone and plan once but on the bay area. how will the first week of " shape up. that's happening this morning. an investigation into a police shooting is growing on but not in the east bay. it happened lead this morning in hayward. hayward police tossed at least one person was shot dead. weather reporting crew on the way and we will bring you a live update later.


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